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Alexander Nikishin


Powerful stride, strong balance and stability that facilitates excellent speed, both in straight-line sprints and in his overall mobility on the ice

Strong edge work makes him incredibly effective at avoiding forecheckers

Very efficient with his skating


Head up looking for the long outlet pass which was delivered w/ pace and accuracy

Used 1 touch pass regularly to quickly move the puck to a teammate

Remains composed with the puck, not rushing plays and instead waiting for the right moment to make a pass or take a shot

Uses his size well to maintain puck control


Has a cannon of a slap shot/one timer but does not release it as often as i would like, he will often choose a wrist shot to get the puck to the net

On a couple of occasions took low % shots after skating the puck deep into the zone on the wing when better options were available

IQ (Vision, Anticipation, Panic/Poise):

Ability to anticipate the opponent’s moves allows him to react quickly and make smart decisions, whether it’s stepping up to challenge a forward or dropping back to cover a potential threat

Exhibits excellent defensive positioning, always seeming to be in the right place

Incredibly poised with the puck, will draw forecheckers in before making beautiful outlet passes creating space for teammates


Regularly fell back into a defensive posture to allow his forwards the freedom to stay strong on the puck

Stood up players trying to enter the zone causing frequent turnovers


Absolute play killer, anticipates and counters attacking players stopping them in their tracks

Consistent and reliable, retrieves the puck quickly and starts effective breakouts with smart passes

Uses his size and strength to separate opponents from the puck

Excellent stick work

Best Asset:

defensive awareness and positioning allows him to be highly effective in shutting down opposing forwards, maintaining solid defensive coverage, and making smart plays under pressure

Biggest Concern:

Shot selection, would like to see more bombs from the point and avoid shots into the side of the net from deep in the zone

Top Tier/Role Potential:

50+ scorer or 40+ point scorer with ELITE BASH

Justification for Top Tier Assessment:

Will eat minutes at the NHL level, has the tools and vision to quarterback a powerplay, will rack up hits, shots and blocks

50th Percentile Tier/Role:

30+ point scorer with above average/elite BASH

Justification for 50th Percentile Tier Assessment:

Will still eat minutes but production could suffer if he is not afforded the top powerplay or used in a more shut down role

Stylistic Comparable:

Victor Hedman - excellent skating, strong physical play, and smart decision-making with the puck, can play in all 3 zones

Scouts Final Thoughts and Additional Stats/Info:

Any concerns about his skating that had him fall in his draft class have long been addressed, an absolute stud in all facets of the game

Led his team in pts. with 56 in 67 games, and +/- @ +32


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