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Jack Devine


To put it plainly, Devine is not a great skater. If anything holds him back it is this. He has a choppy stride, and isn't all that smooth and yet is still a fast skater. His speed is not explosive and it takes time for him to wind up but once he does he can beat defenders with it. As the season progressed he seemed to get faster and his skating did improve. If he can continue to work on and improve his skating, this will bode well for his future.


This is where Devine really shines. He is a great passer. This, I believe, is tied in with his high IQ. He sees the plays develop and knows where he's passing to before the puck is ON his stick. In short range he makes quick efficient passes and likes to drop the puck on the cycle. He always seems to know where his teammates are.

Devine has really good hands. They're not elite but very good. He seems at his best in tight around the net but also is quite deceptive and crafty on a rush with a full head of steam. This too, I think, can be partially attributed to his good read of the players around him.


Devine has a cannon of a wrist shot. However he is very inconsistent with his accuracy. He misses the net a lot but still manages a lot of shots on goal every game. If he can hone his shot in watch out! He loves the one-timer and his positioning reminds me a lot of Draisaitl (not a comparison of player types!!).

IQ (Vision, Anticipation, Panic/Poise):

Probably his best asset however is his high IQ. He just always knows where to be and where everyone else is or will be. He can beat a defenseman because he's already determined what he will do and what he perceives the defender will do. He makes beautiful tape to tape passes quickly because he knows who is there. If he can break into the league he is going to score a lot because he always finds himself in the right place at the right time. To add one more thing, he always gets himself open. He uses the one-timer a lot siply because he puts himself in position to do so.


Devine can lead the rush well with his speed and loves to quickly dish or drop the puck once in the offensive zone but is just as much at home trying to beat the defender with a nifty move. He pressures opposing defenders heavily and when he is without the puck he either positions himself for a one timer or he goes to the front of the net. He works hard to win puck battles and wont stop on a puck until the whistle blows.


Devine hustles back but his skating can hold him back in catching the player if they already have a step. He rarely is a liability however due to his good ability to anticipate the play. He isn't overly active in his own end but provides good coverage and support. He is responsible but certainly I wouldn't label him a defensive specialist in any regard. His mind is on offence.

Best Asset:

Hockey IQ - Anticipation, Vision

Biggest Concern:


Top Tier/Role Potential:

Tier 2 - 70-80 Points Average Bash

Justification for Top Tier Assessment:

Devine has the raw tools to be a great NHL player. If he can improve his skating, get that shot harnessed in he could play himself into a top six role with PP1 time (I think if he makes the NHL he is PP1 material no matter where he plays in the lineup). There's no reason to think he cant hit 70 points. He can finish as well as set up guys to finish. He will get you a ton of shots but he's not physical so his bash will be average.

50th Percentile Tier/Role:

Just Below a Tier 3 - 40-50 Points Average Bash

Justification for 50th Percentile Tier Assessment:

This probably is more likely a place for Devine. His skill is there, certainly the IQ and I think this will get him into the show in at least a 3rd line role. I cant see any team not utilizing his one-timer on the PP1 and he has a nose for the net. A third liner with scoring upside and PP1 utilization certainly is attainable for Devine.

Stylistic Comparable:

Tyler Toffoli

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