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Cruz Lucius

Scout: William [2023-09-12]

Carolina Hurricanes 2022 NHL Entry Draft 4th Round Pick
124th Overall Selection by the Carolina Hurricanes



Speed isn't an issue but he not a great skater, when trying to go full speed he swings his arms to gain momentum. Hands appears to be faster than his feet, he often stop skating to perform a deke.

Puck handling:

He's got good hands and can make great pass.


He's not a shot first guy, decent shot but not much to say about it.

IQ (vision, offensive and defensive anticipation, panic meter):

Panic level is either super high or way too low. He tries to make too much when it's not the time and sometimes just get rid of the puck when he could just hold it and delay. During a game vs Michigan, with 2:49 left in the game in a tie game, he tried to throw a pass while exiting the zone on his backend and lead to a massive turnover resulting in the go ahead goal.


He's often not involved in defensive play. During the Michigan game, he was on Luke Hughes side and he was able to do anything he wanted in the zone because Lucius couldn't keep up.

Best Asset:

His hands.

Biggest Concern:

He probably won't be able to translate his play at the next level, he's not a play driver and the compete level isn't great either.

Top Tier Potential:

In a perfect world, he could make it to a top 6 role as a playmaker but would still be a low Tier 3 player, because as a NCAA player he's already not shooting, hitting or blocking shots.

Most Likely Tier:

Doesn't reach the NHL.

Stylistic Comparable:

[No Entry]

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