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Tiered Dynasty Hockey League



The idea of this league is that it is in the model of a dynasty league with relegation and promotion. You will have to earn your way to the top division and if you do poorly, you might be relegated. Relegation and promotion means you won’t be able to take your team with you, but teams that aren’t relegated or promoted can keep their entire team.


There is no cost for this league. It is free. Teams are assigned to specific divisions. You must be a Fantasy Hockey Life Patron in order to participate.


All matchups during the regular season will be one week in length, with the exception of holidays / all star breaks/first week, which may cause an elongated matchup. Essentially in weeks where there are five or more days it will constitute a matchup.


We will exclude the last week of the season since playoff teams tend to sit stars and goalies more often.


Our regular season will have 17 matchups with each team competing against each other at least once.


We will have a 6 week playoff (two weeks per playoff matchup).


In the event of an NHL season that does not fit the proper number of weeks, the commissioners will do the best they can to ensure a fair schedule.


At the end of the season, the top team from each of the two dynasty leagues will play a matchup for the overall dynasty league champion. This matchup will not have a monetary prize.


Standings tiebreakers:

1) Head to Head

2) Points For

3) Goals Scored.


6 teams total will make the championship playoffs, which will be Bracket style. The top two teams will receive a bye. Matchups will reseed each round meaning the top best seed remaining will always play against the worst seed remaining. As mentioned above, all playoff matchups are two weeks instead of one, but otherwise go by the same rules as the regular season scoring. 

The bottom 6 teams will undergo a relegation playoff with the top seeded teams getting a bye. The bottom 4 teams will be relegated and their draft position will be determined by where they finish.


The middle four teams will undergo a round robin tournament to determine their draft position.

The visualization and tracking of the playoff brackets and draft order occur here.


The promotion and relegation will be different as the league grows. During the inaugural season, there will be 4 divisions of 16 teams in what we will call Division 2. The top 4 teams of each division will ascend to the top division (Lord Stanley Division). As teams ascend or get promoted, their team will be disbanded and serve as the “dispersal” players for the next general manager (GM) entering the division. As the number of GM’s grow, there will be relegation and promotion in each division except for promotion at the very top and relegation at the very bottom. 

In the first season (2022-23), the top 4 teams in each division got promoted. As they enter their new division, their draft order was determined by their finish in the league. Between divisions, total playoff points was the determining factor. Top teams will be able to choose their draft spot. New teams will be brought in to fill in the space for the teams that got promoted will first undergo an “dispersal” draft from all the players left by the teams promoted. 

Season 2 (2023-24) will start with one division in tier 1, four tier 2 divisions, and one tier 3 division, but it will not end this way. By the end of the season, the four tier 2 divisions will be split into two tier 2 divisions and two tier 3 divisions. The bottom tier 3 will become tier 4. The determining factor for which tier 2 divisions remain tier 2 and which become tier 3 will be total fantasy points throughout the entire regular season and playoffs for all teams combined in each division. Essentially, each division is competing against each other. Entering 2023-24, Gretzky, Lemieux, Orr, and Jagr are all in tier 2, but by the end, two will be tier 2 and two will be tier 3.




TiDy with Omni-Tier Fast Track.png


Games played limit - There will be a limit to the number of skater games played for a given week which will be 75. Going over the limit of 75 will make your roster illegal and you will not accumulate points for any period (day) for which your roster was illegal.





Players will be eligible for the minors under the following conditions:

  • Skaters - less than or equal to 100 GP.

  • Goalies - less than or equal to 50 GP.

  • Any player who is beyond these limits sent down to the minors by their actual NHL team can be placed in a minors eligible spot on Fantrax.

Prospects must have been drafted by an NHL team or an NHL team must own their rights in order for them to be added/drafted.


The yearly draft takes place in the off season. The style of the draft is a straight draft, not a snake draft. It is an NHL-style draft.


Any incoming player to the player pool is eligible for the yearly draft (basically this is the rookie draft plus international signed free agents).


Players whose NHL rights were owned prior to the end of the prior NHL regular season will not be eligible to be picked in this draft. 


The draft order will be decided NOT be the regular season standings, but rather by result of both the championship and consolation playoffs according to the sheet.


There will be 3 rounds of non-snake draft picks.


During the season any player not on a team is deemed a free agent, and can be added / dropped by any team.


Eligible players have already been drafted by an NHL team, have a contract with an NHL team, or have played a game in the NHL or AHL.


Fantrax will limit eligible players to those who are associated with an NHL franchise. During the season this means that players with pro or minor league eligibility will all be subject to free agency.


All dropped players go through a 48 hour minimum waiver period.


Waiver claims are based on the FAAB system.


Teams will receive $100 of FAAB at the beginning of the season. The $100 can be spent on players coming off of waivers. The highest bidder receives the player, tie goes to the team with a higher waiver order. 


Teams will be allowed a maximum of 5 adds per week (which includes waiver claims won and free agent claims).  $0 waiver adds will be permitted. 


Waiver moves will be prohibited between the conclusion of the NHL season and the rookie draft, and will be opened (with advanced warning) shortly following the rookie draft and for the remainder of the offseason.


In years after year one, IL slots will be eliminated in the offseason and rosters expanded by 8 slots.  This is to allow teams to be able to make roster moves and accommodate their three draftees.


A few days prior to the regular season, legal roster sizes will return to in-season limits and players must return their roster to a legal size by opening night.


Trades where league members suspect collusion or unsportsmanlike play may be brought to the attention of the commissioner for review and consideration. 


“Vetoes” due to managers simply disliking the trade return of one party will not occur.  No whining. Due to the promotion and relegation structure, no draft picks may be traded.


Teams are expected to pay attention to the league year-round.  This includes monitoring for offseason rule votes, setting lineups regularly and making timely draft picks during the rookie draft. Part of the fun of dynasty is that teams have something to play for even if they are not going to finish at the top of the standings. Succeeding in a rebuild can include things like trading current stars for future stars and draft picks, and often finishing lower in the standings can be advantageous for a rebuilding team.  This is an expected and good part of the game. 


Some activities, however, go beyond rebuilding and can negatively impact the whole league.  For example, repeatedly not even setting starters, taking repeated/intentional roster penalties or failing to log in for stretches of days during the regular season create competitive  imbalances for teams competing for playoff positions.  Inactive teams may be contacted by the commissioner and if not resolved could be subject to penalties determined appropriate. Teams who may be involved in collusion/troll-level roster management/abusive behavior may also be contacted and subject to penalty or removal.  


If you know you will be away for a really long period, just let your friendly commish or the discord group know and we can work it out.   No one wants to micromanage your choices - just stay active and keep playing and all will be well!  And if you want out, tell us so - sometimes life just goes that way.


Each team will have 5 standard IR spots that can be used by any player on their roster that Fantrax deems as IR eligible.


If a roster becomes illegal due to a player graduating from prospect status or coming off the IR there will be a one scoring period grace period before the roster becomes illegal - i.e. accruing a penalty of no points scored for a day. 


Trades of an uneven number of players that cause a roster to become illegal temporarily should be resolved the same day by the owner with an illegal roster.  If there is a problem making a move to force the roster legal, the owner with the illegal roster should contact a commissioner promptly for assistance.


There is a Board of Governors for the entire TiDy. There will be one representative from each division (not including Victor and Jesse). Victor and Jesse will serve as co-commissioners, but any dispute or change will be brought to the board. After thorough discussion, a vote will be established and the prevailing vote will be implemented. If a BOG member leaves the league, a new one will be chosen by Victor and Jesse from that division.


Current BOG

  • Victor Nuño

  • Jesse Severe

  • Kevyn (Jagr division)

  • Tony (Lemieux division)

  • Simon (Gretzky division)

  • Korey (Orr division)

  • Mason (New Unnamed division)

  • Patrick (New Unnamed division)


If a GM decides to leave, the Commissioners will approve replacements. Replacements for the promoted or relegated teams will enter the dispersal draft. If a team joins a team that will remain, they can keep the team, or enter the dispersal draft.

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