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Lukas Reichel

Scout: Tony [2023-04-16]

Chicago Blackhawks
2020 NHL Entry Draft
1st Round Pick
17th Overall Selection by the Chicago Blackhawks



Good Skater, good passer, good shot (snap or wrist are best)

Puck handling:

Good Puck Handling. He gives up the puck as many times as he keeps it.


Good shots, wrist and snap

IQ (include panic meter):

Average IQ some Offensive upside. Panic Meter: Medium.


Needs work. Will probably be 3rd or 4th liner so will have play Defense

Best Asset:

Offense. Snap and wrist Shots

Biggest Concern:

Defense lack of anything outstanding in his game.

Top Tier Potential):

Tier 3 offense, good shooter, probable 30 pts. Bottom 6 forward, Average BASH.

Most Likely Tier:

Tier 3. Average player. He will have to work defense, hits, and blocks. To be a regular player.

Stylistic Comparable:

I would say maybe Darren Helm without the speed.


Good Player, Bottom 6 forward. Needs to work on defense, hits and blocks.

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