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Pavel Mintyukov

Scout: Brandon

Anaheim Ducks 2022 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round Pick
10th Overall Selection by the Anaheim Ducks


  • Very fluid and mobile skater that plays a heads up game.

  • Can easily shift gears to join the rush.

Puck handling:
  • Shifty puck handling though the neutral zone.

  • Quite skilled in close in stripping the puck from an opponent or keeping the puck away from pressure.

  • Deceptive release that relies on finesse and accuracy. Aka “Sergachev Sifters”.

  • As the ability to add more snap to his shot in the right moment.

IQ (vision, offensive and defensive anticipation, panic meter):
  • Very high ability to read the flow of the play and see open teammates, even in times where it looks as though there might not be a pass option.

  • Can make effortless, no-look passes, especially on the PP and as he leading the rush through the neutral zone.

  • Uses his anticipation to get in passing lanes and excels in using his spatial awareness to thwart or prevent plays.

  • Plays a zone/spatial game where his edges and stick placement are doing a lot of the work.

  • Looks to pick off pass attempts.

Best Asset:
  • Vision/anticipation that is expressed through both his activation in the O-zone and his passing across all 200 feet of the ice.

Biggest Concern:
  • May be a tad too aggressive in activating. Relies on teammate to cover for him.

  • Could serve to be more physically engaging (“sticky”) in close. Relies on space and time instead of taking it away via pressure and threat of physical contact.

Top Tier Potential:
  • First line, top PP, dangerous threat on PK.

  • PPG defender and PP specialist.

  • Higher end on the shot potential, low potential for peripherals like hits and blocks.

Most Likely Tier:
  • 2nd pairing with 1st unit PP.

  • “Defense first” systems and scenarios may not be favourable for deployment if placed in that sort of NHL level system at this moment.

Stylistic Comparable:
  • A puck focused mix of Letang and Nurse with the physical edge of Gostisbehere.




Team: Saginaw


Score:10-6 Saginaw

Notable Stats: 1 G, 4 A, 4 SOG, 0 HIT, 1 BLK, 25:45 TOI

  • Makes deceptive, shot passes while breaking out. Draws opponents to him and dishes the puck to teammates before the opponent can close the gap.

  • Makes quick passes on the powerplay. Knows where to put the puck before he receives it on his stick.

  • Displays great vision and anticipation of the play. Finds open teammates away from pressure and coverage.

  • Picking players pockets and pucks out of mid air to shut down the opponents play/puck control.

  • Well placed point shots.

  • Effortless release.

  • Has more torque and momentum to his skating style than pure explosive power.

  • Keen eye to get into opportunistic areas either in support in the D-zone or on the attack in the O-zone.

  • Constantly flowing and maneuvering.

  • Seen as a threat on the rush, even without the puck. Allows for more options for the puck carrier including freedom to shoot the puck.

  • Hesitant to commit to shot blocks.Covers face/mouth and coasts towards the shooter.

  • Holds the blueline spatially but is more puck focused as opposed to taking the body out of the play.

  • Uses his positioning to negate passing lanes and play options.

Decision Making/Panic Meter/IQ:
  • Very calm, almost visionary. Sees the play develop before most on the ice.

  • Is often in the right place when defending the attack, though he plays more zone as opposed to pressuring man-to-man.

Standout skill today:
  • Passing with an honourable mention of rush support/activation.

What was missing today?:
  • Physical engagement.



League: OHL

Team: Saginaw

Opponent: Kitchner

Score: 3-0 Saginaw

Notable Stats: 2 G, 1 A, 3 SOG, 0 HIT, 1 BLK, 25:52 TOI

  • Crisp and accurate cross ice passes through coverage on the powerplay. Unfortunately the target whiffed on the one-time attempt. Teammate almost caught off guard or surprised that the pass made it to him.

  • Used reach, subtle edge work, and created pockets of space to play a prolonged game of keep away against multiple opponents along the halfwall in the O-zone.

  • Goal scored on a 2 on 1 rush where he was the beneficiary of a cross crease pass for the tap in.

  • Second goal scored on the empty net.

  • Doesn’t telegraph “shot” which leads to a deceptive release or movement that could easily be converted to a pass.

  • Rover in full action.

  • Often finds himself deep in the O-zone.

  • Adept at reading the flow of the play and moving to where the play will develop.

  • Uses skating to apply aggressive pressure on the forecheck.

  • Very mobile, able to go from pinch inside the blue line to back covering his blueline quite quickly.

  • Had a bit more physicality to his game in the sense that he leveraged contact against a player to take him out of the play behind the net. Stick/glove on the opponent’s hip at the right place and the right time to cause the player to lose their footing.

Decision Making/Panic Meter/IQ:
  • Zero panic, exudes a “knowing” of the play.

  • Eager to provide support on the breakout.

  • Likes to carry the puck from D-zone to O-zone.

Standout skill today:
  • Poise with the puck in close with honourable mention of distribution.

What was missing today?:
  • At times he will get caught leaning too heavily on his spatial awareness which lead to more reaching at a play.


Date: 2023-03-11

League: OHL

Team: Ottawa

Opponent: Niagra

Score: 3-2 Ottawa

Notable Stats: 0 G, 2 A, 5 SOG, 1 HIT, 2 BLK, 23:54 TOI

  • Sees the pass he wants to make before he gets the puck.

  • Shifty movement/puck handling when carrying the puck. Creates gaps for himself.

  • Had one notable hard wrist/sling shot on goal that came off a quick release. Both the release and the goaltender’s save were obviously audible, especially compared to his usual finesse-base release.

  • Smooth as always.

  • Knows when to shift gears and is great at conserving sprint equity.

  • Breaks up plays/passes by getting a stick in the lane at the right time.

  • Active stick and feet that aren’t creating redundant coverage. Provides an always shifting obstacle to opponent puck carriers.

Decision Making/Panic Meter/IQ:
  • A very sound and quiet game, in a good way. While he tends to play a higher risk/reward style, today saw him playing in a way that allows his linemates to shine with extra room to breathe.

  • Absorbed a couple of heavy body checks. One in open ice as the play was dissolving, another as he was rushing the puck in on a zone entry along the boards.

Standout skill today:
  • Quick, decisive passes.

What was missing today?:
  • His usual nose for the slot/net.

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