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Dylan Guenther

Scout: Jeremy [2023-07-11]

Arizona Coyotes
2021 NHL Entry Draft
1st Round Pick
9th Overall Selection by the Arizona Coyotes



Elite. His skating looks significantly better than my viewing last year. He looks like one of the fastest guys on the ice. I would like to see a bit better of a first step, and less reaching on the backcheck, but I don't think it'll hold him back too long.

Puck handling:

Above Average. Good distributing on the Powerplay, nice crisp one-touch passes.


Above Average. I remember from last time he had a high-end shot, although this game didn't showcase it.

IQ (vision, offensive and defensive anticipation, panic meter):

The vision is really good, and the defensive awareness is improving.


Average. Still likes to reach with his stick instead of moving his feet, and is a tad late on the uptake when possession changes... which combined with his slow first stem is a bit of a concern. I have doubts he'll ever be an all-situations player. This does cap his upside a bit, as he may lose shifts defending leads or be a less-desirable asset unless the offense hits it's top percentile outcome.

Best Asset:


Biggest Concern:

Defensive game holding him back.

Top Tier Potential:

Tier 1. Guenther has potential to hit tier 1 on points and shots alone. With the right system and linemates he could be a top-25 or so point scorer in the league. Any amount of hit/block breakout increases his chances of hitting this tier.

Most Likely Tier:

Tier 2. I think the most likely outcome is a 70-75 point player with high shot totals but not a ton of hits/blocks.

Stylistic Comparable:

His shot and PP prowess remind me a bit of Alex DeBrincat, but Guenther is bigger and less tenacious.

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