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Logan Cooley

Scout: Jakob [2023-05-18]

Arizona Coyotes
2022 NHL Entry Draft
1st Round Pick
3rd Overall Selection by the Arizona Coyotes



Great- Good straight line speed with explosive strides. Quick cuts and edges.


Excellent- Super creative with the puck. Combine his speed with his puck skills and he can maneuver his way around defenders with ease. Can sometimes do a little too much and have the puck stripped away from him, but you will come away very impressed when he’s successful.


Great- This where he loves to display his craftiness. He scored a ton of his goals this season by going to the higher danger areas of the net. He can beat goaltenders by making incredible moves with the puck to get them out of position, or just simply using his quick release to go upstairs.

IQ (Panic meter):

Low- Very low panic meter. When being pressured by forecheckers, he will nearly always try to find ways to slip through and find open open lanes.


Good- For a highly skilled forward, he’s fairly good in his own zone. He isn’t afraid to jump into board battles and apply pressure on the puck carrier.

Best Asset:

His puck skills- The combination of his intelligence and the way he moves the puck makes him an extremely dangerous offensive player.

Biggest Concern:

While there aren’t many concerns in Cooley’s game, he does have the tendency to do too much with the puck. However, I don’t think this will be too much of an issue at the NHL level as he continues to improve.

Top tier potential:

Elite 1st Line Center- With a combination of proper player development and team utilization, Cooley has the potential to score 80-100 points at the NHL level.

Most likely tier:

1st Line Center- The Coyotes don’t have the greatest track history for developing elite level talent. However, Cooley should still be a very good player at the NHL level. Worst case scenario, he becomes another Clayton Keller type who is a 1st Line talent, but only produces 60-80 points.

Stylistic comparable:

Trevor Zegras. Both players are super crafty with the puck and that allows them to become dangerous offensive forwards.


Logan Cooley is a dynamic offensive forward with flashy puck skills, great speed, and dangerous goal scoring touch. He can drive plays by combining his speed and puck skills to slip past defenders and generate scoring chances. He is especially dangerous in front of the net, where he really puts his puck skills to work as he catches goaltenders out of position. He works hard in board battles and engages defensively by using his stick to take away lanes.

Playing on the top line with guys such as Jimmy Snuggerud and Matthew Knies allowed him to maximize his potential this season with Minnesota. Considering he scored 60 points as a freshman in the NCAA, he is definitely good enough to play for the Coyotes in the NHL next season. However, he has decided to return to Minnesota in hopes of winning a championship with the team.

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